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Managing Treatments

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Airway clearance helps to clear mucus from the lungs of people with CF.

In cystic fibrosis (CF), sinuses become plugged with sticky mucus. How can you clear it? Your liver gets blocked, too, which may put you at risk of liver failure. What can you do about it? What are the signs of CFRD, or cystic fibrosis related diabetes? How is it detected? Treated? I thought osteoporosis was a disease old people get, not young people with CF. Women with CF can become pregnant, but are they healthy enough to take care of a child? Well-nourished children and adults with CF have better lung function and feel better—but how do you stay well-nourished? What kind of exercise works best when you have CF? How do you control infections? There’s a slew of medications out there, including antibiotics, mucolytics and pancreatic enzymes, but what do they do?

Whew, sounds like a lot of questions, but it’s just the beginning! This section will give you the answers to help you manage your treatments more effectively.