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Educational Events

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Running Down a Dream: Emily’s Mission to Rock CF

Hear Emily Schaller’s inspirational story as the founder of Rock CF. She spoke to families of the Johns Hopkins CF Center in April, 2016. View the Presentation.

Treatment Adherence: Why does it Matter? What Can We Do to Help?

Dr. Kristin Riekert’s  presentation highlights the importance of adherence to prescribed therapies and provides insights into how to help enhance adherence. Dr. Riekert is an Associate Professor of Medicine at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and the Co-Director of the Johns Hopkins Adherence Research Center. View the Presentation.

Living and Thriving with Cystic Fibrosis

Tiffany Christensen is a nationally recognized speaker and author of “Sick Girl Speaks”. Tiffany has cystic fibrosis and has received two life-saving lung transplants. She spoke from the perspective of a patient with cystic fibrosis and a professional patient advocate. View the presentation.

Putting Parents in Charge of Meals: Behavioral Strategies to Help Parents and Kids Meet CF Dietary Recommendations

Dr. Lori Stark’s presentation on behavioral interventions that can help children with CF achieve optimal nutritional goals is available online. Dr. Stark is the Director of Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology at University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. View the presentation.