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Clinical Trials: FAQs

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How many patients participate in CF research each year?

About 25 percent of the patients with CF patients at Johns Hopkins participate in clinical research each year.

Why should I participate in a clinical trial?

The only way to find out if new drugs will be effective in treating CF is to test them in people with CF. Since there are many new drugs being tested, the limiting factor for development of new drugs may become not having enough volunteers for large clinical trials rather than not having drugs to test. This is a good problem to have, but it means that participation in clinical trials is vitally important.

If I am participating in a clinical trial, do I still need to come to CF clinic?

Yes. Although you are being seen by a physician during the study, these are focused visits that do not replace the multidisciplinary care you will receive in the CF clinic. Also, critical laboratory testing is often not obtained as part of a study.

Will I get paid for being in clinical trial?

Some clinical trials will pay you for your time and travel expenses.