Dr. Michael Boyle with CFTR image in background

Clinical Trials: Why Should I Enroll?

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This is an exciting time for CF research at Johns Hopkins, where studies are being done to improve quality of life and develop new treatments for individuals with CF. Drs. Noah Lechtzin and Peter Mogayzel are the physicians that supervise the clinical research studies at Johns Hopkins.

A vital part of drug development is to make sure potential therapies are both safe and effective before they are used in people with CF . This occurs through three phases of research, each one requiring more and more study volunteers. Ultimately, thousands of volunteers are needed to complete clinical trials of new drugs for CF.

That’s where you come in. The day has come where the only thing limiting the development of new drugs for CF is not having enough volunteers for large clinical trials rather than not having potential new drugs to test. Without enough people volunteering for research studies the pace of drug development will slow.