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What is CF?

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Woman holding pamphlets on What is CF

It’s different things for different people. If you’re a patient, you know about the disease firsthand—its effects, how doctors treat them, how you manage them at home. Also, you’ve probably learned a great deal about the science of CF, as well, and how it’s detected early on in life, sometimes before birth. If you’re a parent, brother or sister, or even a grandparent of a patient, you’ve likely become a walking encyclopedia of CF, too. That kind of education comes naturally with caring for a loved one. If you’re a family member of a newly diagnosed patient, you’re eager to learn as much as you can as fast as you can. This section of the CF Center website is designed to serve all of these needs, to keep you well-informed with the latest information on all aspects of CF. And if there are any questions we haven’t answered, contact us and one of our experts will do their best to answer those, too.